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The Midlands Finest

this is dedication

Musicians in the Midlands
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This is a new community set up by me, b00mer, for musicians in the Midlands.
'What are you hoping to achieve?' I hear you ask. Well, primarily, I want to see whos out there and what you're all up to. I am a musician myself [i play a mixture of instruments] and I'm currently working at a rehearsal studio, trying to studying the music industry first had.
But seriously, I'm really interested in the talent that The Midlands has to offer and would like this to be the start of a hub where we can all exchange useful information and help each other.

Soo, if you're a dedicated musician [whatever it is you play; DJ's included] why not join up, help yourself and help your own kind ^_~!!

Serious musicians only plz, no time-wasters/wannabes/egos thanx.